Sunday, October 01, 2017

Weight Watchers - Again?!

It's Day 3 of WW, Day 1 of Sober October, and I'm hungry. Time for some reminders of why I'm doing this to for myself: Cramped muscles when I simply bend over. Ugly clothes. Overflowing a seat at Xcel Energy Center. Taking the elevator instead of the stairs. Avoiding photos. Heart palpitations. There are so many more, but I'll list them in a later post.

Today, I'm losing weight. That feels okay -- not good, just okay, but better than feeling BAD. I'll need some results on the scale to feel GOOD, I think, but that will come. It's been a long time since I've been genuinely hungry, so I'm sort of lingering on that before I eat anything. I need to relearn what is actually satisfying while not giving in to my indulgent, emotional-eating self.

It will be a long haul, so my first goal is 10% -- still a lot, 24 pounds, but possibly doable by New Year's. 10% is when I knew I could do it the first time I did WW, so we'll see if it sticks this time around with that as a first target. Not baby steps, I don't seem to do well with those!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Memory loss

Just experienced a 5-second burst of memory loss. Watching TV,  one character mentioned another main character's name, and I couldn't connect who they were talking about. It's one thing to not catch a name, but completely another to viscerally know that you SHOULD know who was being discussed, it's there but you can't reach it. I really, really hope this is not the first post in one of those stories that just makes you sad.